Sarabsukh Enterprises, Plot No. 16, Industrial Focal Point, Batala-143 505 (Punjab) was started as Proprietory Unit/ concern in the year 1981 as a SMALL SCALE UNIT, the main item of manufacture being the Planning Machines. At that time most of the work was got done/completed outside the factory. The necessary parts of the Machine (Castings) were also arranged from the local foundry units of repute. With the increase of production/sales more other machines were added. In the year 1990 we moved to out own new promises and necessary services of the specialized person/expert for the designing and manufacturing of Machine was also arranged by us. New items vix., Plano-Millers were also added to the normal manufacturing activities, besides the Vertical Boring Machines. We have now our own Foundry Section and thus having direct quality control of the various C.I. Castings required for the Machines..... We have the added advantage of the Government Center, where sophisticated Machines are installed for the use of SSI Units, Moreover, quite costly Machine Tool Vis., We make Gear Grinding, We make Gear Shaper & HMT Cylindrical Grinding Machines, which are installed in the said Government Center are also of great help to SSI Units like us. Taking full advantage of the facilities relating to the finishing of accurate parts like Shafts, Gears etc., We are presently capable of giving our customers the very right Machines for the right jobs. We also now get the facility of advanced Heat Treatment arrangements from the said Government Center. Today, we are proud of having available with us all the Testing Equipments for maintaining the Quality Control. With our continuous research/ambitions we now move every inch onward for the improvement of the quality of our Machines. The main object before us is to render the best service to the industry and efforts will continue in future also.

» Quality Assurance

We utilized automated machinery and equipments to maintain the highest standards of uniform quality. Expert technicians monitor the production process to ensure high quality. We take full care at every step from raw material to the end product to check the quality. We purchase raw material in bulk from reputed sources so as to ensure high quality standards and avoid rejections. In a nut shell we assure to maintain quality at every step We break the conventions and tie our selves up with innovations and new techniques.

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